May 16, 2010

Dear Sunday

Dear Sunday,
Thanks because you are red in calendar. It means holiday and time runs so fast :)
I always wish that my Sunday can be as sweet as Sundae, and as bright as sun.
Warm enough, with some raindrops are fine.
There are still chance that I can find a rainbow somehow.

Dear Sunday,
Thanks for the happiness you bring, for the love you sing, and for the cherish you wink.
I’d like to be happy too.
So let me do what I wanna do, and not to do what deeply I hate to do.
I do apologize,
if I disappoint some, since I’m getting fed up of dissapointed me.
if I don’t wanna meet some, nobody, but you or the only me.
Because it’s my Sunday
So, please, allow me to have it with all of my heart 

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