September 27, 2010

Family - A Moment in September

Wake me up when September ends…

Indeed, many precious moments happen in September: the days’ counting down of having graduation, having reunion and gather with my mom and dad again after a year, and saying goodbye with my boarding house – going back to my second parents, ones of lovely people in the world, my aunt and my uncle. Thanks for letting me celebrating fasting month and Eid ul-Fitr with full of laugh, gratitude, wonderful joy and caring. Yeah, it is: family – though I was away from home :’)

I don’t write any post for long time because of one reason: my electronic soulmate – Prince William – is having some injuries and hibernating until I can collect some money to fix it. I’m painfully sad, of course. Sad. But, I’m sure, everything happens because of reasons. For me, writing is like energy, nutritious foods. Without doing it, it feels like I’m losing a piece of puzzle of soul. So, I just write every simple thing in my mind, memorize it, and keep it until I can transfer it to my nerves in fingers, text them and dance in my black keyboards, then post it in my blog! Yeah, now I’m doing it, thanks for my uncle for providing the monitor. It really helps.

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the blossom of my family (Thomas Jefferson).

I’m totally happy right here - grown up with hardworking, hopes, virtues, and simplicity. This family gives me many special lessons of life. Lessons that I didn’t get by doing everything alone in my boarding house, by being solitude, or by reading books from the campus.

The love of a family is life's greatest blessing. I’m blessed and bloomed by their loves which replacing my parents’ right there. And it’s completely more than enough ^^.

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