October 29, 2010

Cookies Story

Hello, I’m Ginger Man.

I’m the inspiration of escape and sacrifice.

I was born one day ago after having some great sacrifice and deathly suffer composed by one big fat woman’s hand and woody spoon which cracking my muscle, vessel, and bone! (Okay, I’m exaggerating, sorry :P). I’m called as Ginger Man, not looked like a ginger (can you imagine me like that?), but smelled and flavored as ginger. Smell good, right? I’m a man of combination of flour, sugar, margarine, egg, and some gingery essence; then baked in high heat which creating this brown skin!

I live in peace in this glass jar. Please, don’t judge me with the story that you’ve heard in your childhood. I don’t escape from this lovely mother (okay, lovely), because she kindly gave me cherry for my eyes and raisins for my buttons. I’m cool, right? And the most fundamental reason is; I don’t wanna die in fox’s chews as what happened with my ancestor in your story book.

Chew me smoothly, okay. Promise? :’)


Hi, I am Cupcake.

I’m the symbol of creativity and beauty.

Look at me, and you’ll find some analogies of life, living, rain, happiness, love, and guilt. Touch me and say: “Dear cupcake” then mention what your heart’s said. Maybe it’ll help, in simply word, it’ll heal you.

You know, my dear, I am very simple definitely, but see my cap! They paint me with beautiful decoration: animal, flower, graduation hat, smile, and your name. Creativity comes from simplicity, and see, you’ll have no heart to eat me! :P

Just express what you feel to someone’s out there, and trust that you can count on me: Because I’m Cupcake.


*Oh My God, thank you bakers. They are so cute. And they are one of basic happiness elements in the world*

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