November 18, 2010

In A Rush

It came over me in a rush
When I realized that I love you so much
That sometimes I cry, but I cant tell you why
why I feel what I feel inside
(In A Rush – Blackstreet)


Thank God, thanks for the universe, thanks for the waves, times, and abstraction that create you and me in a chance, in a harmony, in a trust, and in a concreteness: us.

I’m just a loner who doesn’t like the loneliness, but you just come and erase my emptiness.

Everytime I open my eyes, I’m not afraid anymore, because I have you and it’s more than enough.

Because the falling leaves never hate the wind, so do i. I’ll never hate you because I’ve been falling by you.


And after 20 years, I open my heart again. Again. Once in a life time.



Hai Friend, apa khabar?
Saya buat postingan baru nich.
Kalau sempat silahkan mampir di blog saya, yaa…
Kita bisa berbagi tentang motivasi.
Selamat menikmati, semoga bermanfaat.

creamy_cha said...

okay, saya udah mampir ke blog Anda :)

sangat motivating :)