November 11, 2010

Random Mind

“No, you’re not”


“Because, it is too risky, dear. And finally, you’ll be drawn by a monster: broken heart”

“I think without either having relationship or falling in love, we always have chance to be brokenhearted”

“No, you’re not”


But I just too envy to them who have bravery to take a risk.

Fear of risk of being broken-hearted?

I think it’s similar as not to follow a test because we know that we always have a risk to get failed, not to smile because we kow that we’re gonna cry again someday, or not to live because finally we’re all die.

But I just too envy to them who’re trusted to decide by theirs.

Because without risk or without listening to our own heart, life is like this, I guess. *Pointing to a frame, very sharp frame, and I’m trapped there*

Me and my selfish idea – sorry.

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