December 18, 2010


For me, the most special feeling in Saturday night is I miss my daddy, yeah, badly.

I miss when he asked me around the town with his old fascinating motorcycle, but the most comfort one – to watch the flash light, buy some cookies, and feel the fragrance of the air after raining. And we would date with my young brother too with full of laugh and gratitude.

I miss when he listened stories carefully about my weekdays, and then nodded happily and fatherly. He would repeat his same questions for many times, and then nodded proudly without any boredom.

I miss when we sat in the backyard gazing to the stars above and talked about the blooming roses around while we chew some cakes and hot tea enjoying the night with mom and some cats crowding the chair. Still, when I gaze to the sky, I still remember him, badly.

I miss his tough face – looking at me straight waving goodbye without any words but one tear.

I miss him, the most favorite man I’ve ever had, always.


everything you taught me will stay with me forever
no I wont forget a thing
oh because of my dad I now know myself better
oh I hope i can do for him what he did for me

I wouldnt be where I am
if my father didnt tell me
to never say I cant
(Bruno Mars-never say you can’t)

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