January 29, 2011

Welcome Back Prince William!

Finally, my Prince William has been recovered after losing his vision because of accident which broke the LCD since five months ago. Thanks for the unpredictable sustenance in Friday afternoon and for my aunt and uncle who have made possible to get him well again precisely in Jan 22. Now, here he is, sitting in front of me with his gourgeous appearance and performance that helps me a lot in finishing my duty, writing, watching movie, listening movie, chatting, and many more. I do love him – he is truly my digital soulmate! :D *hugging*

I often cried because of being afraid that I would not have capability to repair him. Huks. My Prince has saved many wonderful memories. My grandfather gifted it when I was in third class in STAN replacing my Prince Harry that had to be retired. Yeah, my William has fulfilled my empty days with lots of entertainment, accompanied me in accomplishing my tasks, writings, and deadlines, and facilitated me in finishing my final report. And now, he is still here, coloring my weekend and erasing the pain and longing to my real prince. Huhu.

It seems like I’m addicted a lot to Harry, William, or another names of Prince. Hehe. It’s not the main case. The point is my William is still here when the real William will be getting married :P hehe. No, no, I’m not idolizing them. But I’m crazy with U.K. Yeaaaah, U.K., especially London which is my deepest dream and my ‘must’ destination after Mecca.

I don’t know, I just like London and am interested a lot with it. I am crazy with Oxford, with their cute accent, with the architecture, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and especially, with London Eye! Look at this Ferris wheel! It’s very WOW!!!

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