February 19, 2011

Move On!

I’m on the crossroad of being perfectionist and being realistic, but still at the same street namely complex.

It’s difficult – somehow. And I’m in learning process to be not on that way. The result is – I am much better now.

Maybe it’s true that the most expensive forgiveness is apologizing to yourself, and the biggest enemy of yours is future. But it doesn’t mean that you should pressure yourself too hard and being weakened by such a deep guilt.

I remember that someone’s ever said, “It’s really okay to be you. But, you have to sign that life is not perfect and you have to accept it and make it. That’s what we call as adjustment”

And maybe it’s true that sometimes you need to have two characters, two faces – not fake masks – but it’s a kind of adjusment. In some condition, you can be a cute silly lovable girl, and in the other hand, you can be a serious pushful dreaming girl. And it’s extremely contrasting. But it’s really okay. I’m on my way – and I’m much better now.

Adjustment prevents us not to lose ourselves. It’s really okay for you to be the ‘real’ you – but not to push your self too hard. Hey idealistic-harmonic girl, look! How many persons loving you just the way you are? :)

Shake hand to yourself – love her, and move on!