June 27, 2011

Hugging You, God.

Life is unfair.

Sometimes, we need to believe that what we have today is what we get from what we've done in five years ago, a year ago, two months ago, a day ago, even in a second ago --

Life is like domino effect.

And I believe it. Life happens for a reason.

What we have done today is what we will get in next five years, next year, next two months, next day, until next second --

-- and destiny.

Allah loves you more than you know, dear.


'IcHa' said...

kadang fair, kadang unfair. banyakan unfair nya sih ya kalo dari sudut pandang manusia, :P.

creamy_cha said...

iyaa mbak, kategori fair dan unfair itu juga bahkan masih abstrak :)

Life happens, as you said :)