July 21, 2011

#2 Self Note

I’m 21 and rebel-minded.

Counting on the days – and it feels like many things that I’ve never had and experienced to.

Envy to the earth, huh?

That’s what we call as reality – when we had no control to our childhood – no chance, no support, and no right to say what you really wanted.

I’m 21 and rebel-hearted.

In this – too late – age, I really have big desire to do every amazing things that I’ve never got through. I want to join dance class (seriously), foreign language class, or music class. And then i wish I could ride bicycle around the town, swim with no fear, and travel alone – without being terrified and mistrusted.

I’m 21 and normal. So let me do it now – because the biggest regret ever comes when you have no willingness to try, doesn’t it?

And it's dangerous - you've never grown up.

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tianidhan said...

yup,,you're absolutely right cha..:)