December 13, 2011

5 Most Annoying Things Ever and Often Happened :p

1. When you walk in a rush and someone in front of you accidentally stops and blocks your way. Oh no!

2. When you’re in hurry and almost late and realize that you can’t find your room keys.

Or maybe you can find it, the traffic is okay, then you’re already happy because it’s still 07.30 but when you want to put your finger or hand on absence machine, the clock in it turns to 07.31! Ahahaha

3. When you’ve worn your outfit perfectly but you notice that your hijab is wrinkled and must be put off and ironed again. Huff

4. When you’re talking or sitting next to your friend, but he or she only focuses to blackberry on their hand. *crying*

5. When you’re in public transportation, and some disturbing people smoke with poker face!

*Life - needs thousand laughs to keep being normal :p*


tianidhan said...

1,4,5 sama persis cha! :D

Farisa Badres said...

@tianidhan: hehe, iyaa cha terutama yang nomor 4 nih bikin bete banget huksss