December 15, 2011

Once or Twice

“I’m about to break my heart once or twice every day.

Once – I hate to be somebody’s person while – in fact – that person is still searching someone to replace my position. And it happens.

Twice – Because I love him too much. And that what actually happens. I can’t let go.”

But like everything I've ever known
You disappear one day
So I spend my whole life hiding my heart away
(Hiding My Heart - Adele)


Ninda Rahadi said...

ini ada hubungannya dengan cerita sendiri nggak sih ;P

Farisa Badres said...

ahahaha, cuma metafora kok :p

Arif Chasan said...

ngenes yaa~

salam kenal.. :D

Farisa Badres said...

it can happen to everyone :D

tidak sengenes itu :p