December 8, 2011

The Way

I miss the way we talk. Arguing about small stuffs – when I don’t agree with one thing and you attack me with unpredictable arguments.

I miss the way we’re holding hands – across the road through very cold weather, and your fingers are fit to mine. Your comforting warm body temperature lets tears and fears rain – but then it makes me safe and convinced that you’re the one.

I miss the way we’re sitting next to each other, having good talk and sharing smile – with no regret but only one. Please, time, don’t run too fast.

Because I still want to be with you. I miss the way you are. I miss us – everyday.


النجم ف السماء said...

Not everyone is destined to find love.
- But loving is everyone's lot...
''no matter if it remains a dream.
- As long as the dream was, it was fine''
''lf it's no more, then so be it.
- That's life'

Farisa Badres said...

it was fine, and so it is :)