August 30, 2012

#21 Self Note

Writing is indeed a great escape. It provides me enjoyment and entertains me from having broken heart and disappointment, lalala. And it feels like I jump to the other world and forget what's surrounding me T_T

Surely, blogging is the guilty pleasure allowed by my boss (thanks! :D). After accomplishing the tasks given or in the less hectic days, I am used to stealing some minutes to open my blog site and write ideas that pop in my mind. My blog is just like a diary and sharing positive things actually gives me better health and mood. Writing also stimulates your brain to keep young by trying to remember moments and picking the right words to compose. You learn much too by reading, blogwalking, and finding the matters and it's more useful than having a-wrong-time-nap in cubicle. Such an alibi for me, yay! *cheeks pinched*

But I'm not good in writing long story, I often lose my focus and lack of details. I prefer the short ones. I think people who can produce hundreds of pages novel and writings are amazing!

Sometimes my boss asks me to write articles or reports because of this behaviour. It's been a lot of fun though writing scientific work is much more difficult than writing the fiction. Yeah, it is! I compare it with essay or papers because you can't put any emotion in it and you need the reliable data and observations. Yeah, imagination is not enough. LOL.

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