August 30, 2012

Bad Habit

I have a bad habit that comes up when I'm stressful and get nothing to do in my room. I cut my own hair no matter how the result is. The result is not so bad, but also not so good. Then I regret that why I cut it.

I had long hair from kindergarten to high school. Dad didn't allow me to have shorter hair thought i hated it because it was frizzy and unmanageable. But Mom always treated it patiently, smeared hair oil regularly to make it smooth and black, and decorated it with cute ribbons and colorful bands. I loved collecting them. Thank you Mom :)

I tried to cut it by myself in second semester after having examination and dealing with experience that troubled my mind. I wanted to have bangs so I grasped hair in the front part and shaped it. I needed long time to make my bangs roll. But finally I did. Now I have bangs that I can show off to my self and to the mirror on the wall :p

I've never been satisfied with my haircut maybe I just haven't found the right hairdresser. Sometimes it's not like what I want and sometimes it has worse volume than it should be. Huksss. So I made my first experiment to have short hair by cutting it extremely to shape chin-bob style. There were a lot of hair left in the floor and I wanted to cry! But after some weeks, it was not curly anymore, I liked the wave! But I just needed better mentality to do it.

As you know, wearing hijab needs more intensive hair care because dandruff can be easier to grow and to get hair lost. Sometimes activity made me too tired to have any hair care, so I wanted to let it fresh - I was tempted to do it again. At first it felt good but I missed my long hair.

Yeah, I miss it!

And I promise to myself that I will not cut it anymore - at least, not in impulsive way like that. Because I want to have long hair when I get married. I'm sure that I still have enough time. Please hair, grow faster! LOL.

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