August 29, 2012

Colon Dash Close-Parenthesis

It is one of the most beautiful moments ever in my life.

And I am so happy until I can't sleep. I remember every detail that gracefully dances in my mind. It's like I have abundant energy for several days. I smile a lot and my cheeks blush like falling in love for the first time.

Have you ever felt the emotion that your heart bits so fast against the fear and it won't be easier to pass the things that you can't stop thinking - but finally everything runs well - better than your expectation?

It seems like I find the right track - everything is much clearer now.

Thank You Allah for opening my eyes wider and for helping me to deal with my negative feelings. And I realize that it's not the phase to complain about the worthless things while something worth is being prepared silently and surprisingly for me.

I need to be grateful more and more :')

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