August 30, 2012

Mother's Cooking

Mother's cooking is like heaven. I miss it everyday and distance irresponsibly makes it more delicious.

Have you ever tasted food that makes you cry successfully?

Yes, I have - mostly in two moments. First, when I've been so starving and officially broke then heihooo payday's coming - so I can buy good food and eat like having nothing for all day. It used to happen when I was in college. And yeah, I cried while eating and mumbling, "Ooh, it is so good!"

Second, when I'm away from home and I still can enjoy my mom's cooking. Mom used to send me package of love regularly before having examination. And when I go home, I love bringing some food so I can enjoy it in my boarding house - like what mom prepared for my coming back after Eid-ul-Fitr celebration, she asked me to bring beef stews, chips, and some homemade cookies. I warm the stews for days but the cookies run out fast (the jar is empty now, it's sad!). Oh, I do love those sprinkles cookies and kaasstengels - both recipes are inherited from generation to generation. I feel her love on them that arouses the appetite and I can cry.

Mom is my inspiration to learn cooking. She told me that she had no skill and ability to cook when she got married. But Dad gave chances and supports to learn - and grandmother taught her many recipes. Mom absorbed the lessons by helping grandmother cook everyday. And now, she is superchef for us!

I believe that every woman has nature on it - no matter what the background is. All we need is a lot of practices and chances to begin. I don't have many tools to learn in my boarding house and the herbs are easily rotten, so I just try to cook the simple ones, replace the baked cake with steamed cake (because there is no oven), and you'll find out that rice cooker is magically multifunctional!

Thank you Mom for the healthy delicious food created by your hands and your heart that makes us grow up and takes us until this far :')

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