August 30, 2012

Sisterhood #2

I thought having weekend faster was not bad idea :)

Nur Khalimah - friend of mine in my boarding house - has been like a real sister. She is very kind, a good listener, and a loving person. I still remember when I was sick then she made a cup of hot chicken soup to heal the cold and let me sleep in her room when I cried a lot.

friendship. me (second sister), mbak nur (oldest sister), brama (older brother) :p

It was Thursday. She asked me to accompany her watching "Cinta Suci Zahrana" - one of Indonesia movie based on bestseller novel by Habiburrahman El Shirazy. It was my first time to watch in Atrium cinema because I was quite afraid to be there alone with some disturbing strangers around and the quality of theater was not so good. But it was the closest place with our office, so we directly went there after office hours, had break-fasting and Magrib prayer, then enjoyed the movie time!

The movie was about a thirty-something-yo woman who worked as lecturer and had just finished her education in Beijing but still hadn't got married. Her parents hoped that she would find her mate soon before they passed away but it was quite difficult for her. Many men tried to propose her - from her dean in the university, parents of her tutoring students until her lecturers' partners but it seemed not right and she still waited for something better. She took big risks and faced a lot of sad and terrible experiences to hold her faith and her heart - from losing her job, getting revenge from her dean, failure of marriage because her fiance died the day before, the death of her dad, until big depression of hers. But finally the patience met her with someone who really loved her since she was as a lecturer - and they got married. Yeah, happy ending!

Mbak Nur cried a lot beside me and we laughed so hard, commented the movie and the handsome actors yeah, and talked about scenes that sometimes happened to us too - yeah to the single ladies.

Then we realized that we shared a lot about marriage these days, about raising babies, and about being a wife, LOL. Many things that I didn't know and life ran so fast. Some of my best friends would get married one by one in the near weeks or months. I would miss them :')

So after that, we went home with better mood and spirit. Though it was Thursday and it was the end of the month, we still could find cheap and relaxing enjoyment to relieve from the hectic hours, be young, and be human again!

Yeah, movie time after office hours is a good idea. We should try it in another time! :D

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