September 4, 2012

#22 Self Note: Be Strong and Stronger Then :)

Finally, I go to university again! It means one of my two resolutions in 2012 has been reached. I hope I will get the progress for the second one soon before the year ends :)

Deciding university is a big confusion and you have to consider with the office hours and official activities besides the budget of your savings. But I really want to go to state university and at least get S1 degree. It is one of my dream :)

I once enrolled myself in a private university in Kuningan area. Unfortunately, it didn't open management class because of the lack of participants but I insisted to choose management when the committee asked me to turn to accounting. I chose to ask refund and searched for another place. But for the gift, I got new Alma-mater coat for collection, yeah :p

After that, my boyfriend got some info and he asked me to register to 'alih program' in Universitas Negeri Jakarta. I did online registration and prepared myself to follow the test. I bought a book of selection-test for state university not only for facing the test but also for waking up my brain. Huhuhu. The selection was held on July and would be announced on August. After waiting anxiously and the crazy traffic of site that couldn't be reached that day, I passed the test and became one from another thirty participants accepted in management class. It was blessing of mother's prayer. Thank You Allah.

I am so grateful and Allah is indeed very kind. I can go to state university with department that I want and the tuition is quite affordable. In my deepest heart, I still crave for the state university with yellow-jacket in Salemba but I can't handle the tuition which is too expensive for me that means taking almost my whole saving. But life is choice. Like my friend said, "When you want X-factor, you need to sacrifice Y-factor". And no doubt that Allah knows the best for me. Life needs rationality too :)

Sometimes I hope I can feel learning experience there for once in my life time like following English conversation class in Depok every weekend but it clashes with my lecturing class and I need to meet my boyfriend that I miss everyday and I just can see once in two or three weeks. But still, I have to be very grateful. Again, Thank You Allah.

After converting the transcript, there are many majors that I have to accomplish and I need 2,5 years to graduate. In this case, I just realize that your GPA and score in D3 influence a lot in conversion result so you don't need to study over the majors that you have passed before. It means it's going to shorten your lecturing time and focus on choosing your concentration majors. I hope I don't need more semester to pass, please. Graduating soon, getting married soon. LOL.

Now my days are very full. The schedule is from Monday to Saturday that means I have to manage my time carefully. I often feel so tired that I can sleep directly without changing my clothes and cleaning up and it's not a good habit. But I have quite fun. I can find many friends from various background and another world outside the job that will enrich my life.

Be strong and stronger, then :)

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amela said...

selamat ichaaa. ngiri..
semoga bisa segera nyusul kuliah