September 12, 2012

Advice from Master

"We never had any issue on LDR because it didn't really matter somehow...our goal was to get married, so anything within the process was just worth it. Even though we were far away from each other, the idea of "owning" him as "mine" was enough to set free of my worries, and that long period of "me time" actually allowed me to just focus on building myself and my career first. I think he also felt the same way. Being in love should not make us over-dependent on each other that we sorta die when he's not around hehehe... Love should provide the freedom and positive energy to become what we want to be in life because we want to make each other proud and we know we'll always support each other. So it's about two souls, united, becoming two better souls".
Such a good advice. Yeah, there it is. Love should make us better and strengthen each other!  Thanks kak diana :)

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