September 23, 2012

I Hate That Movie

I've never been this terrible after watching such a disappointing movie before. I felt so regretful because of choosing that movie and it successfully disturbed my mood and part of my Sunday. First, it gave bad image of teddy bear which used to be cute and calming. I love teddy bear and I have two on my bed. I can't accept it ._____.

Second, it was far from my expectation. The review which said it was hilarious funny couldn't make me feel the same. I put the straight face from the beginning until the middle and screamed silently, "Please, I don't know what I'm doing here!". I wanted to cry because it was full with inappropriate scenes, bad attitudes and slang jokes... and someone beside me gave sign, "We chose the wrong movie". It was awkward because there are some moments I tried to close his eyes and he closed mine in sudden. "You are not old enough to watch it", he warned me. I covered my face. Oh God, forgive me :(

And third, I think the movie would be much better without those unimportant scenes. The story of relationship between the main actor and actress was quite inspiring and romantic. But that bear... destroyed it. Go away, bear!

Go away, bear! >:|
Overall, I just could laugh in the last minutes when the scene was purely funny, yeah, so-teddy-bear without any additional weird humors. Somehow, it makes me hope that the same-style-movie can be made for children with many good lessons inside, maybe about friendship and about dreams, it will be awesome! I'm sure many kids didn't know and thought the movie with teddy-bear-poster was for them. It was sad realizing that they watched it too, yeah, in cinema.

Maybe I criticize a lot because I don't have comprehensive understanding about movie and I'm old-fashioned. Everyone has right to have different opinion and point of view. Some people may like and some may dislike. But I don't exaggerate. I will be more picky to watch movie in cinema - which is good for my eyes and for my soul.

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