September 17, 2012


I got a chance to follow IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Try Out by Sun Education Group on September 16, 2012. The event was held in Harris Hotel, Mall Kelapa Gading at 10 a.m. I noticed that there was Kopaja 27 Senen-Kelapa Gading to take me there but I waited for half an hour and there was not any. My eyes were red and irritated because of the heavy smoke. I decided to be back to my dorm and wash my eyes. And finally, I went there by taxi. I wasted much time :(

It was my first time coming to Harris Hotel and also for trying this test. I registered the days before and it was free-of-charge for limited participants. I was so excited because there were many gifts and souvenir like magazine, note book, pens, pencil case, cotton bag, and guiding book for studying abroad. It was priceless experience started by presentation of IELTS overview and some examples of writing tasks. Writing can be in general and academic type based on our purpose. It takes 60 minutes for 2 tasks. Basically, writing task contains of describing graph and charts that you need to write at least 150 words, and composing essays either about agreement-disagreement or problem-solution that need at least 250 words. Essay has higher mark so you should write it first.

some gifts and souvenir :)

Then we moved on to speaking simulation. It's the hardest part of the test. They chose one of us to be a volunteer. Speaking takes 11-14 minutes in 3 parts from introductory of ourselves, our daily activities, describing something like experience when we were so happy, and arguing about many topics from the simplest to the most complicated one like about happiness, human rights, or terrorism. The key is we should not stop talking before the examiner interrupts us. We should not be nervous during speaking test and the more vocabulary that we can express the higher we get the band. Band is the grade as a result of each part that shows our fluency in English. The band is from 1 to 9 and 6.0 is the average for competent speaker. Universities make qualification of the band not less than 6.5. Then we were asked to practice speaking test with our partner. Unfortunately, I came alone and I was sad because it was difficult to find the partner. I met a participant who came alone too. She was a beautiful girl and really good listener. I was so happy to talk with her.

Furthermore, the committee gave us listening and reading test paper. Listening takes 30 minutes in 4 sections and 40 items questions. We should listen carefully because some of the questions are not in multiple choice and asked for answers in two or three words. The reading test takes 60 minutes in 3 sections and 40 items questions. It is same as writing which is divided into academic and general reading. And the readings are quite long. We need to learn scanning for more effective time.

Try Out result would be sent a week later and for the formal test, the result is available for 2 years. The test ended at 1 p.m. and continued with International Education Expo. There was a photo shoot stage too. I wanted so badly to get the picture there with some London decorations. But the participants didn't get voucher for photo shoot because we already had snacks. So sad :( Then I went home and found mikrolet M 37 Senen-Pulo Gadung but I had to stop in Kemayoran because of being the last passenger. The day was so hot! I took bajaj then had a nap directly when I arrived on my bed.

But again, thank youuu, the pretty hot day was saved by choco chip ice cream. It was like a miracle that I could meet him for twice in this weekend. The atmosphere in Cheese Cake Factory Cikini was good with Westlife songs played which were wonderful. But the price of the main course was quite expensive and wholly western so we just ordered ice cream and snacks.

Banana fritter with ice cream :)

The place was homy so I could have comforting chitchat. He's been my inspiration these days. I just figure out that he knows what he should do for present and future. And he completes me. I still fall in love everyday. Thank You Allah :)

By the way, you can download some IELTS test here.


Tanaya said...

you are so lucky icha! IELTS (free) courses are hard to find in my area. I hope u achieve a good score.

the ice cream looks delicious, btw;)

oyin said...

ichaaaaa.. english nya keren banget ihh... :))))

@chabadres said...

@naya: Alhamdulillah, but i'm still waiting for the score hihi ^^ they hold the events not only in Jakarta, but another cities too, I hope one day it will be your area :)

Actually, it's fried banana with ice cream only for decoration ._____.

@oyin: still not that good, oyin ^^