September 17, 2012

My Saturday :)

Saturday is such a perfect time to hibernate. But I have class to attend on every Saturday morning, so I still have to start my day on 7 a.m. to chase metro mini and not to be late. Like yesterday, I had lecture until 4 p.m. and arrived in my dorm at 5. So it's no difference like in weekdays. But I'm truly grateful because I can review financial management for the advanced one that I take this semester. And it feels like I have my mind blown. I forget a lot, oh dear. I want to pinch myself! Yeah, it was 4 years ago when I learned it :(

I have new close friends in my class - Julia and Sebastian. Three of us have same origin that we are from Medan and we have same spirit to pass financing concentration for next year. We make promise to learn more and not to be influenced by another opinion easily. I need friends like them because I find that working students have more energy than ones who haven't. Maybe the reason is we realize that we need to work hard and save money to pay tuition and we have less time to learn. Besides, financial management class always reminds me to Oselva and our lecturer in STAN - Mr Arvan. He is very smart and teaches us in very good concept and practice. I used to sit next to Oselva, she had passion spreading to me and we discussed much during the class. She is irreplaceable friend.

And after three weeks, finally, I could meet my boyfriend again. After these hectic days, all i want to meet and to talk is him. I always find it difficult to find new place just to have seat and free chitchat without eating or being tired - and mall is so much boring. So we went to Surapati Park. It's been so long that I didn't come here because there was no parking area allowed. But now it's okay to park around.

There were some funny disturbances like many street singers dressed up like woman (you should know) - and we had to prepare some five-hundred rupiahs coins to let them go. LOL.  I wonder that how they looked so grateful to receive the coins and it made me laugh somehow. But I got a beautiful experience. I met street poet named Petrus Adi Wibowo  that I knew from his profile in Jakarta Globe. He's used to being there, going around and reading some of his poets.

me and Pak Petrus :)

I asked him to read poet titled ‘Cinta 90 Persen’ (‘90 Percent Love’) and I noted the best sentences: ‘When you love someone, love the person for only 90 percent, For when things don’t work out, you still have the remaining 10 percent to get back on your feet and love another lover'. 

Yeah, I always love Surapati Park :)

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