September 7, 2012

Patahan #63

Having wide point of view will save you out from the pathetic way of thinking :)

Sometimes I feel upset with men who are used to ignoring women's role in life or assuming that women are not proper to be good in academic and carrier. Sadly, people force their opinions by bringing some certain customs or religions without being well-mannered and bringing comprehensive understanding itself.

I keep learning because it is the way to appreciate myself as a woman. I keep learning because I believe Allah loves everyone who has willingness to gain knowledge and utilizes his/her ability for another people. I keep learning because it's the shortest road to change the history line of family, to rescue from poverty, and to move on toward the better life.

Do not worry, as a woman, we know when and where to stop. We used to be taught and raised with that nature. And no doubt, Allah is indeed very kind giving women so many favors like to have deep feeling, to be multitasking, to build great instinct, to be strong hiding the pain, and to have a lot of roles in life: as daughter, sister, friend, being the most beautiful bless as a God's creation completing the man - as a wife and having the best job in the world - as a mother. And we will not forget that role, never :)

I'm a woman and I'm so grateful of being that way. Thank You Allah.

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