September 12, 2012


I’m learning to balance my life these days like waking up earlier then drinking cold water mixed with honey and eating some fruits in the morning. Water with honey is very good for health like what Rasulullah used to do in the morning. It can clean saliva, stimulate digestive system and make you fit all day. It works!

I’m trying to leave office on time so I can come back to my boarding house for a while and take a bath before going to lecture. After having Magrib prayer, I walk fast and chase the bus. It needs an hour to arrive but I feel much fresher and more energy to study. Inappropriate sweat sometimes makes you feel terrible. So I think it can be good idea sometimes. Besides, I learn to focus on my duty better and work more efficiently to be accomplished in time.

Also, I’m urging myself not to be disturbed by unimportant things and for example, yes, I have such a weird behavior. I can’t bare myself to see any dust or falling hair in my room. If there it is, I can’t sleep so I will collect the hair on the floor one by one, repeat it two and three times, and take tissues or disinfectant to clean the dust or any bothering views. I am so sensitive about these and used to doing it almost every night. Unfortunately, my hair falls often so it means the more I feel terrible about cleaning. But I think it’s not that bad. My mom gets that behavior too. She can’t stand to find out any dirty stuff then clean it directly and she can sweep the rooms for many times a day and not be easily satisfied after cleaning up. And those habits are inherited to me. LOL.


Ririsuchan said...

A weird some time, a usefull sometime LOL

Just be brave to say, "Lets clean it tomorrow, haha"

@chabadres said...

@mbak lilis: I often say it but I change my mind, "I don't want to clean it tomorrow anymore" fufufu ~