December 17, 2012

Best Daddy Ever

There were notifications on screen: 12 missed calls. And they came from three different numbers from one same person. Daddy.

My bad. I kept my mobile phone being silent and didn't check it for hours. And my blackberry was off because of the super-jet-empty battery. I hate it.

My daddy thought something wrong happened to me. His imagination that I was being robbed or hurt made him sick. He was afraid. He tried to call my aunts - and if it didn't work he would ask my boyfriend to see what was going on to me. But they said i was okay. I should be somewhere doing something. Then he just sat down alone hugging pillow and silently cried.

I realized that I forgot something. I had not called them that day and there it was. Daddy was waiting my call. That's all what he needs. That's all what makes him happy.

I should have known that the older my parents, the more anxious they are. The more they are afraid to lose me.

I'm fine, Daddy. I promise I will. Don't worry too much, please. I love you.

*this experience brought me to buy power bank!*


Sigit Putra Nusantara said...

aku jadi merindukan mereka, ayah dan bunda di desa.. :)

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