December 11, 2012

Grateful! Happy, happier!

So, it is my quote of December.

Sometimes life doesn't run as expected, like having to do the things that we hate enormously or dealing with person that makes me want to eat zombies. Yeah, there's nothing better to save the day than embracing your own life. And I'll learn to make myself happy either by forgetting it for a while, laughing, or forcing myself to accomplish it soon then let me be free sooner.

I am inspired by Diana Rikasari to remember every little thing that makes her happy and write it in a note in the end of the day. So what can make myself happy? Eat! I love eating good food, delicious and nice ones. (It is one of the joys of having a job, isn't it? You can buy something that you like?) And I love chocolate. I love to dance around my room in the early morning. I love listening and mumbling along my favorite songs. I love wearing cute things and decorating my room. I love sending sweet messages to boyfriend during peak hours. And I stop having any kind of that nonsense diet. It works. I'm happy and I feel really good :)

It can't be denied that the older you are, the less friends that you have. I miss having good friends to talk and to have a walk together. But I realize that life changes. People grow up. They get married one by one and have new life to build, and it's not a really wise idea to share any silly chitchat that we used to do. I try to be careful of doing some kinds of sharing. But I'm not alone. We are not that alone. We just learn to depend to ourselves. Yes, we should.

I always have Allah. Allah is very kind. And also a very good listener. I feel like being rained by a lot of blessings these days. Then, I have curious mom that regularly wonders with my condition. And I still have him that really understands and successfully makes me feel good. Thank You Allah. So many things I should be more grateful of.

So, celebrate life. Be happy and happier! Because, there's nothing better to save the day than embracing our own life.

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