December 31, 2012

Thank You, December. Thank You Allah :)

Though Allah always gives huge bless and bliss in everyday, but there are things that keep being reminded on top. Things that make life more meaningful and special. Things to prove that I am stronger that I used to think about.

I met a lot of awesome people and experience in December. I got chance to follow test, best friend came to Jakarta, hectic days waiting in rush, heavy rain, and every lessons learned that taught me to be more grateful. Sometimes it felt sad when you were cheated or back-stabbed. But what I'm really sure is happiness that comes in easy way by hurting people will hurt you back. So, don't be that way :)

And surely, many amazing people were born in this month, one of them is my boyfriend! It was December 24 - most employees were free that day, including me - but he was still on duty. I made a simple surprise and came to his office in Serpong in the afternoon. I asked him to go out because I was too shy to be there around and he was the master of making me cry! So happy to come in this unpredictable moment and to see him on uniform yeaaah. Though I had to steal his time for an hour (sorry for his boss :p) but... definitely - I was soooo happy!

Next, my young brother came to Jakarta! It was his first flight without being accompanied. He was 14 and he was great. I missed him so much and had waited this moment for months. I took three days of leaves (thank youuu office!) because he was in Jakarta for five days since 26-30. I asked him to go around - just two of us - from enjoying Ragusa ice creams, visiting Kota Tua, eating good foods, staying in aunt's in Depok, swimming in Ocean Park, and having a-day-trip to Bandung - just two of us! Such an impulsive trip and I didn't get lost that day. What an achievement for me! :')

My tears dropped a lot these days without any reasons. When I saw my brother's face, I saw heaven in his face. Been so tired but his saying thank you, his blushing face, his appetite, his hugs - made the tiredness lose and I cried at once. Thanks for being a very good baby boy, dear :')

Take care mom and dad. We'll meet again soon. I love you so much, adek :*

Oh anyway, just remember this. Jobs and duties often selfishly steal the family time, so spend the time with them as long as you still can do it. And I always believe, you will never be a great person and it's totally useless when you just care about something big, huge number of people but be insensitive and ignore people who are around and close to you. Never :)

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