December 17, 2012

What I Really Miss

I feel such an emotional tiredness these days. I don't enjoy my lecturing activity and being perfectionist sucks. Some kinds of loneliness haunt after the hectic days then I often cry until I sleep. The fact is person that I talk to most during the weekdays is someone across the cubicle, LOL. I used to think about taking care a pet like hamster or turtle to stay away from this being alone. But I realize that it's just a bad and impulsive idea. I can't imagine if it dies because I forget to feed it. So I replace the idea with ordering star projection lamp. It works! Watching ceiling and walls which full of stars really make me smile. Happiness is as simple as that way.

I miss having friends with the same point of view, to share dreams, ideas, and not too much complain about life. So, here she comes. December is quite good that it gives me a lot of unpredictable presents. My best friend Oselva got assignment in Jakarta and she picked me up in my office on Friday night. Then we had dinner and pretty long chitchat. She stayed in my dorm for two nights.

I had to go to campus on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. The traffic was quite good. But the class sometimes made me upset. We talked about business ethics and what always be heard was bad image of my professions. And they laugh of it. Oh please, I love my job. Sometimes I make reminder with wise words to enlarge my own heart, "Just be careful with two types of people who like giving negative comments: some don't know the truth and some just envy. Such a hypocrite". I believe serious effort of yours will never cheat yourself.

After campus thingy, Osel asked me to accompany her to meet a friend in Sarinah. We ate some pizza then watched The Hobbit. I was so sleepy and I closed my eyes sometimes in the beginning of the movie. But I didn't want to skip this amazing-three-hours movie so I tried to hold on. I miss having me time like this.

sleepy face :D

She went back to Medan on Sunday morning. I always hate to say any goodbye. For me, she is an inspiration, full of energy, a loving sister and daughter who fights for her family and we are sample of friendship in diversity. We are different in culture and religion, but we appreciate each other and we don't make it as a big deal. She reminds me to do prayer on time and to be patient. To be strong. I am very grateful.

There are another things that I really miss. I miss talking to Allah in the late night. I miss writing though year-end pushes me with overloaded reports to write. I miss baking cake. I miss teaching children. I miss watching TV series on bed. I miss being sweet. I miss reading books so I borrow two books this week: Steve jobs, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish and 'Biografi Angka Nol' written by Charles Seife. I am always curious with the mystery of math or numbers like that.

I miss him.

And I miss home.

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