January 14, 2013

First Post in Janua-Rain! :D

So, this is my first post in 2013 and huhuuuuy... already reaches 100.000 viewers. Oh dear, thank you so much :')

My new year began with a very good sleep, some silent resolutions, and frustrating smartphone. My blackberry totally died and it didn't turn on for days huuu. At first, I felt fine because being away from phone successfully healed the stress and annoying people... but in the other hand, it seemed like I disappeared from earth, LOL! So, I brought my blackberry to service center in ITC Cempaka Mas - the software was error and it had to be reinstalled and the media card slot was wet and broken because of heavy rain these days. My database was lost, but it's okay, I can use the device again though I have to re-invite my blackberry contacts! But... satisfied! Some people suggest that I should change my blackberry but I still think that I don't need it. I still use Gemini type that I bought from my first salary and I'm not the type of person who care much with gadget style with endless changing over and over again and over again in a short time nowadays.

Then, some new responsibilities make workload bigger and me more sensitive hoho. But having a lot activities is something that we should be grateful right? :) The first semester of my lecturing also been done. Alhamdulillah. And it's been long that I don't read book until I fall asleep, so I borrow three books this week: Quantum Qalbu, Agatha Cristhie, and Catatan Ichiyo.

This month feels like Janua-rain right? Clouds and sky kingdom shows their power with cute huge rain and cold weather everyday. Thanks to rubber shoes that save our feet well hihi.

And how about heart?

It is still blooming everyday! :)

Picture taken from here.

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