January 28, 2013


Been so empty and stressful these days, so I decided to go home. The last time I came home was on Eid, and it was more than 5 months. I missed them so bad :')

But there was something different. A special guest came with me this time. And it feels like one of the happiest days in my life. We five ate together in dining room, we laughed, dad shared stories, brother got bigger, and mom slept beside me then hugged me while I was sleeping. So warm, I didn't want to wake up. And him - he looked so gentle and so sweet.

Those are days that I should be grateful a lot. I could conquer my fear. I could see what I never saw, I already knew what I never knew. Thank You Allah. May mom and dad's prayers be my savior always. I believe. I believe.

Unfortunately, 4 days seems not enough. I still miss them too much :(

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