February 7, 2013

Februa-Rise! :D

Again, this is the month that I learn to follow my heart and take a deep breath. I try to lower my level of worry - because keep calm and God will answer your prayers, right? :)

I write a lot these days mostly in self notes and flash fictions about random things (haha I'm not good in making long story). Then, I bought two new books this week: Mempercepat Datangnya Rezeki dengan Ibadah Ringan and Nokturnal. Nokturnal is a collection of short stories written by some authors and published by themselves. One of the author is Aulia. She is one of the persons that I'd like to see this year! We've been three years in STAN but we've never met. She is cute and smart, and we are like having the same genes of melancholy sense. Hoho.

In this month, I also challenge myself to have wedges (just have, LOL). I already ordered 9-cm wedges! (I really can't imagine that I'm gonna be that confident to wear them). Then, I want to keep my prayers in time, make more savings, practice better in English, and get to be more focus in doing my job. Many friends get married this month, woohooo, but it is sad that I can't attend all because the places mostly are quite far. But I promise to send prayers from here.

I am so grateful to have loving mom and dad, beautiful-heart aunt, loyal friends, caring boss, 7-minutes-by-feet-to-office's dorm, and a super-duper-handsome-inspiring boyfriend, hoho! Complete feelings!

So, rise your level of happiness! 

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