February 19, 2013

It Never Stops

How does it feel when you live your life but you don't actually have your own life?

I think one of the way to be relieved and happy is not to listen to everyone's opinions about your choice and your personal life. We all know that trade-off happens and there will be opportunity costs in every choice. You are the one who reach the goals, you are the one who deal with responsibility. Besides, there will always be pros and cons, about whom you are gonna get married with, what job you will take, what field you will study, friends come and leave, and any kind of them. It never stops.

Let Allah guide and bless you always.

And be happy. Embrace your own happiness. Be good, be humble. Then, live in the right track.

Because hater's gonna hate, right? It never stops.


Athiah Sulthon said...

You r right, honey.
I agree with you :')

@chabadres said...

mbak lilis :*