March 4, 2013

Baby Boy

These days I and my brother do online chats for about 90 minutes every night. He promises to make this appointment routine as a preparation before national examination. Sometimes I feel bad because I used to teach other children but I don't have a lot of chances to teach my own brother :(

Online learning is not so effective because it's not as good as by pointing it directly with paper, graph, pencil, and formula. Many things can't be described by chat. But I hope it can be helpful. I hope I can make him successful to understand step by step. He always said, "Kak Icha, I'm afraid. I'm afraid. I don't understand. Give me your prayers, kak". And I replied, "You can do it, adek. There are some times left. Practice everyday and do not give up. I always send prayers for you"

I've found that some learning methods in school do not teach the subjects by concept, but by results. Heavy curriculum makes a burden for students and pushes them to hate learning itself :(

But I am grateful because he looks serious and his process of maturity is also growing. He studies. He is also used to praying in time. When adzan calls, he runs to mosque at once. We are very proud adek. Keep being like this, okay :)

Mom and dad sees us like an inverse. We have opposite character and passion. I was born on 89 and he was on 98, LOL. He loves sport. He loves playing music. He loves thriller movie. He loves any kind of games. But I can't, lalala. He is brave, and I'm shy. Haha. He hates serious books, he hates writing, he hates maths. And I love it :D He likes durian, he likes clams, but I.. yaks! X(

we are like twin, right? :p

Nevertheless, it makes our little family complete and colorful :)

Good luck, baby boy. Fight and let your dreams come true. There is a will, there is a way :*

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