March 28, 2013


Alhamdulillah. I and team got an assignment to four regencies in South Sulawesi which belonged to beneficiaries of sub-national grants from central government. I was so excited because it was my first time visiting Sulawesi and again - I was the only girl there. So, be tough! :D

common pose :p

We caught the early flight and headed to Pangkajene by rented car immediately after landing. It took an hour from Maros to Pangkajene. The traffic was quite good, and most cars driven with high speed. Wow! Next, we headed to Barru and it took more than two hours to arrive there. We accomplished our assignment on first day then heading to Wajo and planned to stay there. The atmosphere was so quiet. It was quite difficult for us to find empty rooms to stay. But finally we got them. I couldn't sleep, anyway. Because I was too excited, hehe :)

There's a popular lake in Wajo named Tempe, because people who stay there on that lake - named 'desa terapung' - are used to planting some soybeans in the edge of lake every dry season - when water debit lowers. We couldn't visit it because we had to go to Soppeng soon. But listening the awesome story from its origin was enough for me :) I could see a lot of beautiful views during the journey, green landscape, blue sky, unique traditional houses, and so on. Beautifuuul Indonesia! This is what I like from having journey or traveling, it can open my eyes wider and know people better. They are very kind and lovely. And their accent is cute :)

Unfortunately, our journey in second days was not so good. We lost and I got nausea :( Actually, it just needed one hour from Wajo to Soppeng, but we took the wrong way and got accross Bone - so it took more than 3 hours and the road was not smooth. Finally, we arrived - though it was late - and I looked so pale, LOL.

Soppeng is famous with its bats. Bats hang down on some trees around the cities and fly freely at night. They are quite big actually, wew. But be careful, if they litter you - the myth says that you will find your mate there, haha. I was afraid actually :p Then we saw Yuliana House - it functioned as museum - the building was twin and the twin was in Holland. Then we continued our trip to Makassar before night came. It took four hours and I got nausea again. Mom :(

Yuliana House

Before going home, I had a chance to capture some pictures and entered Fort Rotterdam too yeah. Haha, I loved the letters. Red and big :D Losari Beach was awesome, the food was sooo good - pisang ijo, coto, sea food, grilled ribs, aaargggh. I forgot about my diet and I gained a lot I guess, no :(

Fort Fotterdam :D

I was really grateful with this. It really opened my eyes wider for everything - for my knowledge, for my experience, for the joy of meeting people, for my love to my country, and my immunity itself :p

So long, Celebes! See you, long sleep! :D

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