March 12, 2013


My grandma has just come from Semarang. In my tradition, grandma is called as 'jidah'. I am so happy that she is healthy and fine. Things that every grandchild always remembers from grandma is... her food. I always love her food. She loves to bring me some food and anything to eat for supplies in dorm. Sooo grandma! :)

me and grandma :)

Grandma stays in my aunt's house in Depok. I often pay a visit in weekend or holiday either to see their condition or just play with kitten. Kitty named 'Kumong' is so cute and plump. And he is so friendly to anyone. Besides, tightening family relationship is very good to grow graces and happiness.

plump kumong :3

Thank youuu grandma. Be healthy always and see you again :)

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