March 25, 2013

Happy Milad Abah :)

March 25, 2013.

Today, my daddy turns to 54. He always forgets his birthday and thinks that it's not significant because it means the age of living is getting closer to the limit given. I really hope daddy is blessed with good health and has long life. I hope I can make him happier and happier :'(

I think there is no special gift which he expects as he always waits for my coming home. I still can't go home, and I hope I can go home soon either before or after my study starts.

At first, I plan to surprise them by sending food delivered to home. I plan to order pizza as it's been his favorite and has been quite long that they don't have chance to enjoy it. Even I ask my friend, Osel - sorry to bother you a lot, dear - to help me order it. But, there is no delivery service which has coverage area until our place there. I fail :'(

I always believe Allah notes it and replaces it with the better ones - with the blessings and answers of our prayers everyday, daddy.

I love you, daddy :*


Tanaya said...

All the best for your daddy dear..;) he is already so lucky to have a daughter like u

@chabadres said...

thank you, naya... :')