March 4, 2013


February runs so fast and here comes March ~

Alhamdulillah, it will not be as gloomy as last year when duty didn't allow me and him to make any communication for 5 weeks hoho. I started my March by going to beach. Yeah, beach! Its name is Tanjung Pasir beach in Tangerang. The sand is gray and abundant like the name.  If you want to get to Thousand Islands, you can cross from there too. Unfortunately, people don't keep the environment clean, the garbage seems everywhere :(  We just ate grilled fish and drank coconut water there. So yummy to kill the sunny day! I really enjoyed the wind. It felt so peaceful. And seeing him happy made me more peaceful

Then, I want to enjoy the last days in office before coming back to study in STAN again. I'm gonna miss the atmosphere here, my friends, my beautiful boss, hectic hours, arguments here and there, laugh, smile, and any kind of it. I don't know, this time I am so nervous to come back there again.

lovely cubicle - another home hoho

office partners :D

office mates. When mbak tifa still here :(
with kak puput :)
DJPKers yeaaah :)

I should be grateful more and more. Sometimes complaining is fine, because it is signal that something you can't accept and need to be changed. Then I don't need to worry things that I can't handle. Thinking too much about the uncertainty of life makes headache and can't enjoy the life itself, such as about where I will be after this study, how I can pay this and that, and another what if that kills my self. I learn to do things that become my part, and let Allah do the rests. Let Allah do the rests.


Work smart, play hard, then pray harder!

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