March 23, 2013

Self Note: Peaceful

I feel peaceful while I am writing. It's like I am not ruled by either any interest or job pressure, but mine - to filter it. It's like I escape from this getting wilder world. Conflict of interest, money empowers people, corruption everywhere like a vicious circle, globalism and liberalism - or any kind of theories - create automatic machine of poverty, girls rapped by their own family, murder, war, weird policy, anger, and everything which seems common nowadays. People have religion but have no faith. Pathetic.

I just hope we are always protected from those crimes. I just hope we live in peace like this without problems as above which break our life. I just hope we don't lose the concept of happiness itself. I just hope we don't lose God. Being rich - by stealing another people rights - is very rotten and has bad smell. Imagine that their bodies are rotten inside like that? Pity.

We are used to losing hope to gain and person to trust.

Sometimes, I think having ordinary life or being ordinary person is the most peaceful one. Sometimes.

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