March 31, 2013

Side Story of Long Weekend :)

Long weekend is like oasis in the desert for most people. Pressure makes us exhausted, sometimes estranges the relation between family and friends, and of course - life needs self healing and balance. For me, weekend is a treatment to make human as human being, like a daily moment to look back inside himself :)

I didn't have any special agenda for this long weekend. The ticket prices were so expensive and I was too tired, so I spent my day hibernating and laying on the bed. I did cream bath and massage too as a gift for myself. And that day was my first visit to salon in 2013. I didn't want to leave. LOL :p

I realized that I needed to burn my fat so I jogged in Saturday morning. But I ate batagor for my breakfast so I thought my exercise was useless, haha. Then I beat the mountain laundry and washed them all. I always motivated myself that washing was cool and sexy, yeah it worked! I met my boyfriend in the afternoon - two weeks didn't meet made me miss him like a mess huks. At first, I planned to enter Planetarium, but we ran out of tickets. I was sad like a little girl missing her doll - silently in heart, LOL. I would come back here again soon, please, please, please.

So, we just watched Madre in TIM - and it was my movie time in cinema in 2013 again! The movie was good, but not great. The plot was too slow and made me boring. But the setting was nice, I loved to see Tan de Bakker in movie version, Bandung city, the backgroung music - and Afgan new song was so touching, I listened it over and over again, and the breads! That movie made me hungry. Unfortunately, Saturday ended before sunset. Ah, it was too fast (as always) :(

I woke up very early on Sunday morning to catch commuter line to Depok. I wanted to see my aunt before her flight to South Korea. For me, she was my inspiration of dreams come true. If Allah will, everything can happen :) Allah, take me to London, please hihi. Then I went home and headed to Bintaro to hunt boarding house. But the heavy rain hit me, I sheltered in mosque until dusk. I was sad and tired because I came here bringing nothing. But I didn't know, suddenly Allah let me realize that maybe it was not the right moment, maybe Allah wanted to save me, or maybe I had fun too much and forgot Him. Yeah it was. I loved when I was down and I came back to Him, I felt so peaceful and close again. And I felt something very warm which I found from someone - person who really cared about me, his words always made me relieved. I felt better then.

Because, wonder woman doesn't cry (a lot) right? :) 


mealwayssmile said...

I spend My long weekend in jogjaaa

@chabadres said...

nice :) hellooo jogja.