March 5, 2013

Sisterhood #4

Finally, I met one of my best friends when I was in Senior High School. We met about a week ago in Sarinah. It's been more than five years that we haven't seen each other. Her name is Elida Sari. She continued her study in STT Telkom Bandung. Now, she also works here in Jakarta.

me and her :)

She changes a lot. She's been slimmer and more beautiful. We talked much about anything, about our progress, and how we've been so grateful to be this way. We have same point of view - to survive, to struggle, not to give up, and to have dignity. I am so proud of her. So happy to see her again :)

Back to the past, I had group of friendship in Senior High School named d'frize girls as a abbreviation of our names. I and another five members - including her - were together for three years. They made my school memory wonderful. They were so good to me. We used to hang out and study together. We were not part of cool and popular people in school but we always had position as 10 best scores, LOL.

Five years ago..... :O

I always love you so much guys :) :*

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Tanaya said...
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Tanaya said...

It must have been such a wonderful time, reuniting with an old friend like that.. good for u, Icha! ;) I wonder when we can meet, Dear. But even from afar, I can see that you look well.. Keep happy, keep being beautiful ;)

@chabadres said...

thank you naya. I'm fine, and I really hope you are. Keep calm and stay cute hihi :)

See you soon naya :)