March 13, 2013

Wonosobo ~

Yeaaah. It was my second trip with DJPKers after the first one in November 2011 when we came to our friend's wedding - Hepi and Septian - in Yogyakarta. It's been so long, right? This time, we came to Wonosobo to cherish the moment in Oka and Fathi's wedding on March 9, 2013. Both of the couples are in the same office like us. That's why we are so excited to see them together :D

The trip was started on Friday night with Sawunggalih train and stopped in Purwokerto. We arrived in station at 1 am then we continued the trip by cars that we rented to guest house in Dieng. I was soooo excited. It was my first time having adventure in the night like that, LOL. We reached the guest house at 3 am, and it was too early from our schedule. The house keeper also didn't come yet, so we waited while some slept in the car. I preferred to stay in the car because it was so cold. I was freezing and I didn't bring thick jacket :(

The sky was wonderful. I could see a lot of stars. Wonderful! Then I remembered him :( We waited until adzan calling. People there were so nice and came to mosque in early morning to pray. The water, the floor, the wall, everything... were also sooo cold. But I was happy because I could see smoke come out from my mouth, LOL. The green views were amazing. Then I bought knitted hat and gloves to warm the body. We were starving then we found a stall selling instant noodles and hot tea. Alhamdulillah, it felt so good :')

freezing :(

Someday I will come here again to see the sunrise!

We prepared soon and went to Wonosobo to catch the wedding. So happy to see them both. May Allah bless them forever in love and happiness :)

fathi & oka

mbak nur, mbak poppy, me :D

I and Mbak Poppy came home first. We didn't join the others to go around Dieng. We were so grateful because we met friends from office that dropped us in Purwokerto Station with their car. They were very kind and helpful. We arrived in station at 7 pm. We had to wait for 3 hours more because the train came in 10 pm. I had friend to chat and share, so time ran fast :)

There were many empty seats in train but I hated it because I had to be separated with Mbak Poppy. I laid my head on the seat then bended my legs. It was my first time sleeping like that. Suddenly, I felt so lonely and the train got fasteeer. I couldn't sleep, LOL. I arrived on Senen Station on dawn. I continued my sleep after taking a bath and having morning prayer. Laying on bed was miracle

Can't wait for another trip! :D

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