March 25, 2013

You're Still The One

And memory always brings me back closer to you.

There's been some time that I want to give up on this. There are some moments when expectations try to kill my trust on this. There are some reasons while I keep comparing about us and them. There are more doubts coming from inside and outside questioning on this. And it was the hardest parts of this relationship. But I've passed that phase for long, yeah quite long time ago. When this relationship wasn't that strong. Sometimes, relationship doesn't only need love, but also needs time. Right? :)

Why? Because I haven't grown up. Because I ignored things that I should have complained. Because I didn't tell what I actually really wanted. Because I kept looking others and let my foundation ruined by itself.
Now I learn that there's no perfect person in this world. But how to love person perfectly is important. Seems cliche, but it's true. And believing to what we really see rather than what the other see is more important.

And memory always brings me back closer to you.

I remember how many helps that you've offered to me since we were friend. I remember when you took permission from office to take care of me and picked me up to hospital when I was sick. I remember when you lifted most of my baggage by yourself when I moved. I remember when I was in the very bad condition or I gained a lot but you're still very okay with that. I remember that you always support me to what I really want to achieve in my life. I remember when you gently came to my parents and treated them very nicely.

I remember that you can persistently say no when I keep telling arguments to say yes - yeah, I really need this. I remember that you'll always be my favorite place to share anything - to cry, to laugh a lot, and to celebrate life. I remember how difficult it is, not to say I miss you for a day, or not to see you for some days. And another baskets of memory that I can't state - you really try to make me happy, to handle my complexity - when other persons can't, I guess -, you try very hard for your future, for being good - for Allah, for job, for family, for me.

Now I really understand. Everything seems so much easier. I'm stronger, I'm happier :')

In the end, the most important thing is I'm really grateful for this. Thank you. We can make this work out :')

And memory always brings me back closer to you.


I'll never know what the future brings but I know you're here with me now

We’ll make it through and I hope you are the one I share my life with...

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