April 12, 2013


Here is April. It means it is the last month I work normally in office. I promise to myself that I will accomplish all of my responsibilities before I leave for studying. I already found a room to stay there, alhamdulillah. Then, after the last week, rain hit me again. But I didn't feel terrible because of three reasons:  it was the best time when prayers accepted, somebody accompanied me so I was not alone, and we stopped by in Roti Bakar Eddy Bintaro to take some evening snacks and dinner. I loved it :)

Next, I got a chance to visit Balikpapan. Actually, it was my first time to set foot in Borneo. Balikpapan is awesome. The city is pretty clean and neat. The food is really good, and I said 'see you diet' for a while again (oh, well). The city is near to beaches, it is one of seaports in Borneo and it contributes large number of total oil production in national scale. You can see Pertamina really takes care the city. But such a paradox, the filling stations are very limited there, long queue of buyers seems a common view. Hmmm.

I also had my first time experience being the last minutes passengers boarding to flight. I couldn't say how nervous we were and my heart wanted to run as fast as we ran. I was so pale. Fortunately we still had chance to enter the plane. Oh please, my co-workers are risk takers!

I realize that my cheeks are growing up, LOL. So I push myself to drink green tea, eat more fruit, and run run run! It's not easy to make it routine actually. My legs seem painful in the morning, yeah :/

I bought new book this month. I miss reading light novel because office hours really absorb the energy. I prefer to spend my leisure time by sleeping and washing clothes then (or, checking timeline, fine!). Magically, I found this book in best seller stacks, "Leafie: Ayam Buruk Rupa dan Itik Kesayangannya". A wisdom novel from Korea written by Hwang Sun-Mi. The story completed with colorful illustration. It is the second book I've ever read that really made me cry effortlessly after reading the saddest graphic novel Laika: First Dog Sent to Space. And she didn't survive :'(

Lastly, I miss my friends, like... really.

So April, thank you and please be delicious like Aprilicious! :)

Picture taken here.

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