April 11, 2013

Dream Journal

I dream a lot these days. Most of my dreams are about the people I miss: mom, dad, boyfriend, and when I wake up I am so grateful to Allah - for letting me see them in my dream. They feel so close. I can see them so close to me.

My latest dream is about office thingy. Weird. Maybe because I keep thinking about error application in my PC and I still need a lot of tasks to be accomplished. I reinstall, uninstall, over and over - try to fix it but still can't work. So, I give up and go home. Then, in my dream, I try to open the application and it works. I can't wait to try it in the morning and it works! Aaaaa :')

So, I think I should make my own dream journal - because having dream catcher is actually impossible. It seems fun when I can read my last dreams and write a note like an adventure. Besides, in sleeping hours, we just remember a little about our dreams, or forget directly when we are sober.

Nevertheless, try not to fall asleep before having Isya prayer. Let Allah gives bless and peaceful sleep. And not in the morning, either. The dream and sleeping moment can shock you. Moreover, I think it's not a good idea to let the bless given in the morning fly away (though I often overslept in the weekend too! Oh, no!)

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