April 7, 2013

Self Note: Over Thinker

My moods swing back and forth these days. I still have strong tendency to be perfectionist. It's really not good, it is not. I tend to over think some issues and let them ruin myself - until I sleep, and I wake up realizing that I haven't done what I should have done.

Blog is media that really helps me to escape. And I learn to be honest. I can see I make a grown-up jump from each posting I've ever wrote. And you, silent readers, thanks for enjoying :)

Sometimes I really hope I can help all friends who need me. It's sometimes very difficult to say no. I'm a kind of guilty person. Sometimes you should be rational that you have limit either, only two hands, and lack-of-energy-thingy in the weekend. So, please, talk honestly without pushing yourself too hard, icha. Okay?

I remember one thing when my juniors all of sudden asked me to attend an event and... I can't say no though it's very impossible for me to come. So what do I do when they keep asking me? I block the contact because I can't stand the guilt.

I remember another thing when my friends changed totally because of an opportunity that I finally managed. I couldn't stop blaming myself. So what do I do when it got hurt me? I stop clarifying and let them never happen in my life.

I also remember when any kind of ping or ring from social media came and made me stressful. I try not to be involved much in social media anymore.

Sometimes I feel I'm very complex, and weird. That's why I think I need someone who can make me relieved, calm, humorous, and doesn't have same pressure like me.

I try to stop being an over thinker too. Stop feeling unimportant sadness. Stop worrying things too much. Stop criticizing myself about others opinion. Stop trying to make everybody happy and satisfied. Stop disturbing myself with my imagination of guilt. And please, try to say no. Let haters gonna hate.

All we really need is being peaceful, right? Happy, right?

Okay, Icha? Deal :)

This sweet picture taken from here.

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