April 28, 2013

This is Farewell!

Friday, April 26.

It was the last day I worked normally in office before I started my study assignment on Monday. I've been officially placed in local grant sub directorate since June 2011, so it's almost two years. I'm gonna miss my cubicle, my friends, my daily duties, and my beautiful boss - she's been like our mother in office. She was very kind to me and always gave me a lot of opportunities to learn new things everyday :')

together :)

I understand that the best thing I have learned from working is about being patience. Sometimes tasks come without any stop, and I just can inhale and exhale to handle my emotion. Still, about being nice - how to treat seniors, friends, boss, or any stakeholders right. And, about being grateful - because being trusted to handle some assignments are things that should be grateful, right? It's been so relieving when I think I can't do it, but hey... I can do it. I can conquer my fears. I can do it :)

I was so sad to enter other rooms in 12th floor and ask for leave by myself. They gave me a lot of beautiful prayers and advices. My co-workers treated for dinner in Bandar Djakarta, we took some pictures together, and had short boat trip as facilities provided there. After dinner, they delivered some notes and testimony for me. It made me touched. They loved me. Ibu Rita hugged me and suggested me to get married soon, LOL. My head section said he was proud of me :') And I cried when Mas Agung started to speak. He was my best brother, a really good friend who helped and taught me a lot in office. Friend to argue, friend to share, thank you. Thank you :')

Mas Agung :D

three warriors of section two :D

I was ready to move on. Cheerio!

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the_lost_agoex said...

ahhhhhh ica,,, you're the best "New Comer" I've ever met, u're lots younger but even better than me...!! good luck ca!