April 30, 2013

Jet Lag - but Grateful :D

I am quite nervous to start studying in this campus again with the new status as Diploma Four STAN student. I will be here for more or less 2.5 years. It feels like I am having jet lag while I used to work in office with 7 to 5 working hours, pressures, and time runs so fast - but now here I am. I am in class with books, laptop, and more leisure time. Time walks slower here of course. Or maybe, it's just a part of adaptation, as always.

The registration was held in April 29. My heart beat fast, I couldn't sleep that day. It felt so awkward at first, haha. Most of us changed a lot, but I really missed that situation. We were gathered in Student Centre, we knew each other - it felt so good to meet friends from other institution and shared experiences. Then we were given explanation about syllabus and rules, and speech from Director. I can conclude that it won't be easy, but it won't be hard too. There will be orientation in third week. I have no idea how it will be, huksss. Break the leg! :D

I still stay in Deasy's boarding house in Pondok Jaya until today. I am really thankful to her and her family to be very kind to me. May Allah love you more and more, dear. I hope I can move to my room soon this weekend. I really can't wait. I'm sure Allah will always protect me and teach me to be patient :') Fortunately, I don't feel so lonely these days. But I still wake up too early because mister cock crows and  wakes me up before dawn, LOL. I lose my appetite too - though there are a lot of fairly-cheap-good-culinary here. Come on, not good, icha.

My class has started for three days. I start to enjoy my class. Most of them are seniors, come from various background, and some already got married, but there is no gap - and we feel much younger, haha. The lecturers are awesome. I think my brain burns after freezing for so long, haha. Please brain, be a good partner. Embrace yourself for deadlines, papers and presentations too, LOL.

My outfit style is back like 5 years ago - plain shirts, skirts, and flat shoes. Let me be a cute student, please :D I'm gonna miss my office styles, batik, heels, and some natural make up. Good bye for a while :(

I meet my old friends here too. They don't change at all, still funny and kind. We've been together for 3 years in treasury class. When I walked alone to have dinner, suddenly I met them. They kidnapped and treated me without saying where to go. "Let the employers pay. Students just keep being students" - they said. Oh please I feel like... -___- But yeah! Ah thank you, I don't feel so alone then.

And, at last - him. He will always be my sweetest one. He really works hard these days. He really cares to me. I know that he really tries. I can feel him so close to me. Please, take care your health. May Allah guide you always :')

Ready for May. Ready for new path. Grateful, fight, live younger, and cheriooo!


Monika Yulando Putri said...

Ah... i'm so excited about this new life... Being student makes me more passionated hihi...

gud luck for us ^_^

@chabadres said...

good luck for you too monik :)))