June 23, 2013


When you grow up, you meet a lot of people - but the circle of your good friends is getting smaller. I think I'm just in the critical moment to trust any kind of everlasting friendship - like, having best friend forever - kinda old days. The truth is - friends may come and go. People who destined to be in the same place, same situation will be best friend for that certain time, and so on. And I can't agree more with it.

...exception for you, my mom and dad.

So here I am, I just walked alone at night to my dorm - and I found the indescribable feeling when I walked that alone. I gazed to the supermoon which stayed so bright tonight, and I passed the street lamp that reflected my shadow higher than the building across. It was creepy but interesting at once. Blame my introverted side, sometimes my overloaded imagination and my right brain work than it should be. But I am grateful, because an adult may lose that sense defeated by this cruel real life.

"I want to call you soon"

Then I read my assignment, ate a slice of watermelon, and wrote this post.

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