June 7, 2013

So it's June.

I've realized that I only wrote one post in May. Oh, no. The orientation week has just been over, and the hectic schedule already starts. I  am used to dealing with sudden and never ending assignments attack. But alhamdulillah, life is good. I have good friends, good boyfriend. Prince William works so hard these days, it still survives though it has been 4 years with me. I consider to replace it soon :( Be patient, yeah!

Prince William :)

Having no junior makes us have no choice. We are demanded to make the organizations keep going on. I have to accept it though I'm doing it with half-hearted. It feels so bad when we are in a condition that pushes us to have no choice. It does, actually. But I'm just too afraid to be guilty. I hate to be like this.

Survive, okay? :)

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